About me

About me

When I was young, I wanted to become a professional football-player. Playing in front of a big audience. At some time in my life, I realized that being the key player of a microphone, you don’t get hurt that often.

Thus, I have replaced the green pitch for the shiny floors of stages. My floodlight became spotlights, my match the interaction with people. What can I say? It is so much fun – much more than discussing with referees on the green grass.

Discussing is my passion. Inspiring people. Challenging speakers. Inspiring humans. Making people laugh. And instead of kicking the ball, I play with words, pass around ideas and strategies. Until the end of the match. And hopefully in the end, we have a winner: the audience.

Why do I score on stages? I studied literature, worked as an intern in journalism, spend my spare time as a radio-moderator and journalist, only to transfer myself after some years of expertise in the role of a marketing and sales. Instead of playing in the Premier League, I play in the league of innovation and digital. In the meanwhile, I have scored on a lot of stages in the world for many global brands.

And I have no transfer ambition at the moment, but hopefully there are many stages I might enrich…

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